Welcome to Explore Living Learning Community (LLC)!

In collaboration with the College of Sciences, Explore LLC is an innovative approach to supporting students in research, pre-health or other College of Science based tracks! Growing students love of mathematics and inquiry into academic, social and professional opportunities in a community-based environment.


ExploreLLC students displaying their various team building signs


Feel empowered to embrace the myriad opportunities that Tech presents, with the support of the Explore LLC. The Explore team of staff, faculty and mentors will accompany you as you embark on your journey through campus life: from your initial steps on campus, to discovering vibrant student organizations, immersing yourself in research labs, exploring campus resources, and engaging with the Atlanta community.

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At Georgia Tech, students are encouraged to collaborate in pursuit of solutions and to explore their individual curiosities. The Explore LLC provides shared sections of first-year science courses, fostering teamwork skills and meaningful connections with professors and peers. These foundational experiences are vital as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, experimenting with different passions and interests throughout your time on campus.

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Georgia Tech boasts a wealth of esteemed faculty and scientists eager to collaborate with Explore LLC students. As you delve into your educational journey at Tech, your commitment to exploration and experimentation will shine through, showcasing a genuine enthusiasm for learning and satisfying your intellectual curiosities. These invaluable qualities will undoubtedly make you a sought-after candidate for any lab or clinical placement opportunity.

How to Apply

Are you interested in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics (including applied physics), Solid Earth & Planetary Sciences?

Admitted first-year or transfer students apply through their Admissions Portal.



  • Be an incoming first year or transfer student.
  • Course requirements**
  • Fees
    • $400 per semester for incoming First Years
    • $250 per semester for incoming Transfer students
  • Live in Eighth St. West Apartments (apartment style)