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Science, Health, and Related Professions (SHaRP) &
Science and Math Research Training (SMaRT)

We are very excited to announce that SHaRP and SMaRT have officially merged to form the ultimate PRE-HEALTH and undergraduate RESEARCH Living Learning Community!

The SHaRP and SMaRT programs began as a way to engage first-year majors in the College of Sciences (CoS) in activities designed to foster success by creating strong foundation pre-health, mathematics, science, and undergraduate research programs of study. After a full academic year of creating separate programming and courses for each LLC; one to engage students with an interest in health related field, and one to prepare students for undergraduate research opportunities, we have found that students are often interested in exploring both options.

With that, and our efforts to help newly admitted CoS students to Explore Science and Math, we are debuting our new initiative to truly include ALL of our students as they Explore all that Tech has to offer!

ExploreLLC students displaying their various team building signs


Feel confident in exploring all of the new opportunities that Tech has to offer with your Explore cohort on your side. The Explore team will join you as you take your first steps on campus, check out new student organizations, enter labs for research opportunities, visit campus resources, and step out into the Atlanta community.

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Georgia Tech challenges students to work together to find solutions and experiment with new personal curiosities. Explore LLC offers common sections of first-year science courses to help students develop team building skills, as well as relationships with professors and peers; essential building blocks as you experiment with finding your passions and interests on campus.

ExploreLLC student describing their project poster


From spring break international medical service trips to on-campus paid lab positions, there is no shortage of world-renowned faculty and scientists who are excited to work with Explore LLC students. As you explore and experiment with your own education at Tech, you will demonstrate a true passion for learning and fulfilling curiosities. These are incredible strengths that make you desirable to any lab or clinical placement.

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