How do I know if this program is right for me?  

We’re looking for students who like interested in kick starting their undergraduate career by exploring opportunities in research and pre-health with world-renowned faculty, supportive staff, and engaged mentors


We are looking for students who: 

  • Possess a curious mind that likes to investigate. want to build strong foundations in math and sciences.
  • Want to make discoveries that can change how we see the world.
  • Intend to apply scientific discoveries to solving real-world problems
  • Are in majors or truly passionate about:
    • ‚ÄčBiology
    • Biochemisty
    • Chemistry
    • Neuroscience
    • Physics 
    • Psychology
    • Mathematics 
    • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences


What is required after my first year? 

After your first year, we hope that you’ll continue to live and connect with first year students as mentors, peer leaders, GT 1000 TLs, PLs, or a number of other leadership positions. There are no requirements to continue to participate, only opportunities. 


How will I engage with faculty? 

The Explore program connects with College of Sciences faculty from all over campus who have coffee, lunch, and dinner with students. You can sign up to meet them and spend the semester getting to know them. 

Can I participate in multiple LLCs? (Grand Challenges, Honors Program, Impact, Global Leadership 
Unfortunately, since all living learning communities require participating students to live in different residence halls, students are not able to do multiple LLCs. The only exception is the iGniTe program, as students can participate in iGniTe over the summertime, and one of the other LLCs during the fall.  

Students may also enroll in Honors classes throughout their four years at Tech, as some classes are open and available to students across the campus regardless of being in the Honors Program their first year. 


Can I participate in the summer iGniTe program and the Explore program in the fall? 

YES! IGniTe is a wonderful way to engage with students prior to the hustle and bustle of the start of fall term. IGniTe features a number of pathways that students may choose based on their interest. You may select any of the chosen pathway and participate in any one of the LLCs in the fall as well. Your participation in iGniTe does not require you to live in an LLC in the fall, though many students do choose to. 


How much is the program fee?  

Students pay $400 per semester in Explore. This fee covers all trips, events, faculty dinners, community service opportunities, lab tours, guest speakers, our fall retreat, spring research showcase, Explore swag, and so much more!  


How does the application process work? 

Any student accepted to Georgia Tech may apply by completing the Explore application received by email. Your Explore application will be read by the Explore staff and admission team. We highly prioritize students who have majors within the College of Sciences. (Biology, Biochemisty, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences). Once a student confirms their major, College of Sciences students will receive an automatic admission into the Explore LLC with decisions released on the same day as the other LLCs. Additional students will be admitted based on your interest in research, health, and the fields of math and science. 


When do I need to accept my invitation?  

You will be given specific instructions on how to accept or decline in your invitation letter. As we do accept more students into the program than we have space fothe actual acceptance is important to select as soon as you know you are coming to Tech and want to be in Explore. We offer our accepted spaces on a first come, first served basis. 


Will I still participate in the First Year Experience if I decide to be in Explore?  

Yes, you’re still a member of the Freshman Experience program if you participate in Explore. As such, you’ll have fantastic Peer Leaders (PLs) on your floor, opportunities to sign up for a meal plan, and access to the support and resources that the Freshman Experience program gives you. 


What if I already signed up for housing? 

No worries! When you decide to join Explore, we will work with housing to make sure that you are placed in Folk or Caldwell with everyone else.


What if I want to live somewhere other than Folk and Caldwell? 

An important part of creating a living-learning community is developing connections and shared experiences outside of the classroom, so all Explore participants are required to live in either Folk or Caldwell. 

Have additional housing questions? Click here to check out their page 


Can I live with a friend that is not in Explore? 

Unfortunately, Folk and Caldwell are reserved for Explore participants only. Keep in mind that if you both live on West Campus, you will probably be within 400 yards of their dorm. If you think your friends might be interested in learning about undergraduateresearch or pre health opportunities, have them apply by the deadline, and we will take a look at their application. 

Have additional housing questions? Click here to check out their page 

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