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College of Sciences students HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO JOIN! 

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*COS students are given an automatic invitation. You must hit ACCEPT once you receive the invitation. Spaces are first come, first served. 

Email or call 404 385 5591 if you have any other questions!

Is Explore right for YOU?

Do you:

  • have an interest in a career in health or opportunities for undergraduate research?

  • possess a curious mind that likes to investigate?

  • want to make discoveries that can change how we see the world?

  • plan to attend a top-ranked graduate or professional school?

  • intend to apply scientific discoveries to solving real-world problems?

If so, consider Explore, where we support our students as they jumpstart their first year at Georgia Tech!


First year students are required to attend our opening retreat, and take one of our GT1000 first year seminar courses. After that, everything that you choose to get involved with is up to YOU!


Visit our staff page to learn more about the students and professionals that make Explore happen, and our course page to see what classes we have reserved especially for you.


Look for the Living Learning Communities button in the quick links section of your Admission Portal for more information and to start your application, or accept your invitation. 

Upcoming events


Direct Benefits

  • In-House Tutoring Monday - Thursday in West Commons Classroom
  • In-House Pre-Health advising with professional and peer advisors
  • Special sections of highly sought after courses (College of Science focus)
  • Engage with Explore alumni mentors
  • Faculty engagement in small groups and one one meetings
  • Access to scholarships and research positions

The fine print

By accepting the Explore invitation, you are making a one year commitment (first 2 semesters) with the option of participating as an upperclassmen Georgia Tech student after your first year. There is a $400 per semester fee for the first year students and $250 per semester fee for incoming transfer students. These fees cover costs associated with academic and professional development programming and excursions that include lab tours, trip to the CDC and Zoo Atlanta, in-house dinners with Tech faculty, and Explore-specific sections of Tech courses.

As a member of Explore you will be required to take one class in your first semester, GT 1000 (first year Explore students). This seminar is designed to support first-year students in their transition to Georgia Tech and is taught by Georgia Tech academic faculty and administrators with advanced degrees. 

Students in Explore live as a cohort in  8th Street West Apartments on West Campus. With a newly built dining facility, close access to our Campus Recreation Center, and close proximity to many science classrooms and labs, this is the ideal location to begin your Tech experience.

Our fall retreat offers you the opportunity to connect with 200 Explore friends, meet some of our incredible faculty,and voice your opinion on the year ahead. 

Summary of Requirements:

  • Program Fee to provide you with academic and professional development programming and program experiences
  • GT 1000; first-year seminar (first year Explore students)
  • Live in  8th Street West Apartments Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Mandatory Fall Retreat
  • Welcome Dinner

 Past Course Options 





Weekly Happenings

GT 1000; First Year Seminar

Student staff office hours; times vary


In-House Pre-Health advising and Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

In-House Tutoring for CHEM, MATH, & BIO; 7–9 pm Monday–Thursday

“Having multiple people in your dorm conveniently share teachers provides a continuous feed of support, encouragement, grievances, etc. If you’re stuck on a lab, chances are someone in the building is working on the same lab and knows how to help!”



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Explore Living Learning Communities

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Faculty Director in the College of Sciences
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